How to Deal with a Controlling Boyfriend

In numerous forums in the Internet, you could read about girls asking how to get over someone who is very controlling. And in many cases, these girls have a controlling boyfriend who they like to get rid of. Breaking with someone you love even if you have just been together for a month can be one of the most difficult things to do for girls. That is why in many cases, girls try to avoid breaking up with their boyfriends even if one’s boyfriend becomes too manipulative of her personal life.

If you have been struggling in your relationship because of a controlling and manipulative partner, here are some things you could do:

1. Think it over if your relationship is worth it.

If you love a person, it is easy to get blinded by his or her negative traits. But if you spend some time with yourself, you may be able to realize them. When you do, you could weigh whether it is still worth going on with your relationship or not.

natureNature tripping is one way to do it. When you are up close with nature, you can easily meditate and think things out. Nature provides a great avenue where you could think and be at one with yourself. This is one of the reasons why we should continually preserve and protect our nature and wildlife.

2. Talk with your boyfriend.

If you think that you don’t deserve your boyfriend now, your next step will be easier and that is to end your relationship. But if you like to give it another chance, the next thing you have to do is talk with your boyfriend sincerely. Be honest on how you feel about his controlling attitude. At the same time, give him an assurance that you love him and you like to develop trust between the two of you.

3. Formally introduce your boyfriend to your friends.

Perhaps one of the reasons why your boyfriend does not like you to spend time with your friends is because he does not personally know them. That is called fear of the unknown. Your boyfriend can only get rid of this fear if you introduce him to them. Schedule a date with your friends and allow your boyfriend to mingle with them.

4. Use verbal affirmations.

One of the possible reasons why your boyfriend is controlling you is that he is insecure about his personality. Use verbal affirmations as often as possible, like tell your boyfriend how you admire his looks and his being responsible. Tell him you love him or how you are lucky to have him. That way, he can get over his insecurities and start to loosen up.

5. Make it clear what is unacceptable in your relationship.

Be totally honest with your boyfriend about the things you find unacceptable. You could also solicit his ideas and then talk about them one by one. Doing so will help both of you to be responsible with your actions if they affect your relationship.

These things are easier said than done, but they are a good way to start afresh in your relationship. If you still find your boyfriend too controlling despite doing those things, you may want to reconsider your thoughts of giving the relationship a second chance.