INFP Profile

The INFP personality based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is defined as people who are introverted, intuitive and who rely on their feeling and perception. This type of personality is very rare as there are only an estimated 4.5 percent INFPs in the entire population. It can be a great privilege to meet someone who is an INFP.

Understanding INFP and other personality types is essential to developing a relationship with different types of people. For instance, it can be hard to understand why there seems to be a big difference between INFJ relationships and INFP relationships when these two personality types only differ in one personality trait, and that is reliance on judgment for INFJ and perception for INFP.

Personal Character

INFPs are known to be reserved, calm or even shy. However, their inner passion and inner flame are something that should not be taken lightly. They can also be very affectionate, a trait which is not common in other personality types. Their affection may be long-lasting, but they are also cautious on whom to direct this kind of feeling. INFPs also have a sense of honor and strong idealism, which they are proud of. One drawback though is that they are often misunderstood and isolated because their personality is relatively rare.

Goal in Life

Some of the most affected groups of people when it comes to bad things happening around the world are the INFPs. Their goal in life is to seek harmony, and they feel dejected when bad things happen around them. They are also very much concerned about what is happening around them and would like to get involved in solving the problem. This is perhaps one of the reasons why many INFPs are also involved in the preservation and conservation of our natural habitat and wildlife. But it is not only they who should respond to the call of nature. Regardless of personality type, we all need to act to preserve our mother Earth.


Generally, INFPs are extremely creative, goal-oriented and innovative. They also have an aptitude for foreign language which is unmatched. That is why many of them land a job in foreign relations. Some of the great actors and writers also have this kind of personality, as they can easily convey their own personalities in fictional characters. It is also natural for them to write and to engage in poetry.

Perception of Others

INFPs rely on perception rather than judgment. They don’t easily judge a person by what they see. In fact, they can see goodness in every person, even in those who do bad things to them. In their eyes, even the most unlikeable or revolting person is worthy of respect or sympathy.

Because of what is happening in the world now, we need INFPs in a wide range of endeavors especially in promoting the preservation and conservation of the environment. INFP is among the most likeable personality types listed by MBTI. Yet INFPs are commonly misunderstood as the opposite. Knowing and understanding them can help us change our bad perception about INFPs.