Home Remedy for Taste Disorder

When it comes to treating diseases, many people rely on drugs and medication, both prescribed and over-the-counter. However, most of these medicines have side effects, not to mention their manufacture and use present a significant environmental impact. Some researchers list down water contamination, soil contamination and potential impact on the life of animals and microorganisms in the surrounding.

Although pharmaceutical products promote healing or treatment, using them could also mean leaving an environmental footprint. That is why, for minor health condition, it is best to first take advantage of natural home remedies before taking any medication. This way, you are also contributing to the preservation and conservation of the environment.

One of the common health problems affecting a significant number of people is taste disorder. Some have metal taste in mouth, others salty or sweet taste in mouth. There are also people who completely lose their sense of taste, but it is a rare case. Surprisingly, there are natural remedies for taste disorders. You may want to try any of these remedies if it works for you.

  • Practice good oral hygiene. More often, the lingering taste in the mouth is caused by poor oral hygiene. Once you start to practice oral hygiene, the abnormal taste in your mouth will just go away spontaneously.
  • Chew food thoroughly when eating. This could allow you to enjoy the flavor of what you are eating while also enhancing digestion.
  • Drink ginger tea by mixing 5 grams of ginger powder in a quarter liter of water. This mixture has a soothing effect in the mouth and cleanses your mouth of the lingering taste.
  • If you have lost your sense of taste for a while, drinking lime juice mixed with equal parts ginger juice or tea plus a pinch of salt may help.
  • Taking a zinc supplement may also help improve your sense of taste. However, you may want to consult your doctor first before taking any supplement especially if you are suffering from a certain health problem.

Additionally, making some changes or improvement in your food preparation as well as diet may also help you deal with taste disorder.

  • Enhance the flavor of your food by adding more spices and seasoning, but avoid putting more salt or sugar.
  • Consume foods with varying tastes so you will be able to appreciate the individual flavors.
  • Avoid consuming foods that dilute the individual flavor of the ingredients such as casseroles.

These natural remedies are only effective if your taste disorder is just temporary. However, if you have a lingering taste disorder, you may have to see an otolaryngologist for proper diagnosis of your condition. In many cases, taste disorder is caused by another underlying condition like allergies or respiratory infection. Treating the underlying condition would also spontaneously treat the taste disorder. Pregnancy may also cause a temporary taste disorder among women.

It is important to note that even if you prefer to take natural home remedies for taste disorder, you still need to see a specialist for lingering taste problems. And the natural remedies should not substitute any type of treatment prescribed by your doctor.