Rabbits as Pets

Our neglect and abuse of the environment led to the extinction of many species of plant and animal life. The sad truth is that people never learn their lesson. We continuously pollute and destroy our natural wildlife habitat, leading to its dangerous or extinct status. But if we all start to act now, there is still hope for the remaining plants and animals that we now have.

Some of the species of animals that we may be able to save if we start preserving their natural habitat are the rabbits. Not all breeds of rabbits may be endangered, but there are quite a few that are already at the brink of being endangered or becoming extinct. They include the New England cottontail and the volcano rabbit of Mexico.

Aside from protecting their natural habitat, some people consider having pet rabbits as a good contribution to preserving this species of animals. There are certain breeds of rabbits that are ideal as house pets. But before owning one, learn more about rabbits as pets.

Why choose a rabbit?

Why not a cat or a dog, which is a more popular house pet instead of a rabbit? According to several rabbit owners, rabbits are among the sweetest pets you could have. They are sociable and fun to be with. They are also generally clean and quiet animals. Having a rabbit will not cause you too much trouble than owning other types of pets.

There is a wide range of rabbit breeds that you can choose as a pet. Among the most popular are the Himalayan, Sussex, Havana and lionhead bunnies.

Do rabbits smell bad?

Rabbits themselves are clean and odorless animals since they groom themselves every day, like a typical cat. However, their urine has a strong smell which could linger if you will not thoroughly clean their living area every other day. Additionally, they have two types of poos. The dry poo, which forms into little balls are odorless, while the other type which looks more like blackberries can have an offensive smell. The latter is not a normal poo as it may indicate incorrect diet, obesity, parasite infestation or other conditions such as arthritis that are affecting your pet. When you see this poo, consult your veterinarian for advice.

Can rabbits be litter trained?

One of the challenges of many rabbit owners is training their rabbit to litter in the proper place. But this is doable. During training, it is possible that your pet will accidentally urinate or have droppings around the house. When this happen, don’t hit or shout at your rabbit as it will just scare the animal, making it more difficult to train. Instead, just be firm in saying no. With much patience, you will be able to litter train your rabbit.

Will rabbits chew the furniture?

Just like dogs that may chew on your shoes or cats that may claw on your furniture, rabbits too have a natural tendency to dig or chew whenever it is possible. To avoid this, make sure that house plants are out of reach and keep wires and cables covered. Also provide a space where your rabbit can play with something to dig or gnaw at to keep it busy.

Having a pet rabbit can have some challenging times. But if you love animals, you will surely love having rabbits or bunnies as pets. These bunny facts should be able to help you get started.